Hayden was born in August 21, 1989. She began her career at 11 months when she appeared in a commercial for Playskool and since then she has appeared in over 50 commercials. She joined OLTL when she was just 4 1/2. Then in 1996 she also joined the cast of Guiding Light as Lizzie Spaulding (while she still played Sarah on OLTL...the only child actress to play on two soaps at the same time.). She was seen in the feature film Object of My Affection starring Jennifer Aniston, and was the voice of Dot in the animated feature, A Bug's Life with Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Hayden lives in a suburb of New York City with her parents, Lesley and Skip, her younger brother Jansen, and a houseful of animals. When she is not working or attending elementary school,

Sarah lived in Llanfair and had always hoped her parents would get back together. She had a very special relationship with her Uncle Todd and she was the flower girl in his wedding to Blair. Later, she moved out of town with her mother and brother. {Photo on left courtesy}

Hayden Panettiere was just eleven years old when she got a lead role in the blockbuster film "Remember the Titans." In this true-life story, Hayden plays a coach's daughter and a major football fan. She had to learn all the stuff about football, since she is not really a football fan. When asked about working with big name actors like Nicole Kidman and Hilary Swank, Hayden said, "It is really cool. They don't act famous, they're nice, normal people. During the filming of Titans, I'd race on the field with Denzel, passing a football. He likes to kid around."